Wednesday, 12 August 2015

SUMO Session in Kolkata

We witnessed another Mozilla event in Kolkata, on 9 August 2014. This event was on SUMO. SUMO is Mozilla's Support Portal.

SUMO has 4 sub projects through which we can contribute to it. They are:
  1. Army of Awesome
  2. Answering questions in the support forum
  3. Write help articles
  4. Translate help to your languages
In case of Army of Awesome, we can contribute by helping users, seeking for help, by replying to their tweets.
We can also answer to the questions which different users from different parts of the world post regarding their problems which they face while using Mozilla's products.
We can write help articles of Mozilla products so that the usage of that particular product can become more easy.
Lastly, we can contribute by translating Mozilla help articles in our local languages.
In the opening sessions, we discussed about SUMO throughout the day. How to reply to the tweets in case of Army of Awesome, how to write or edit help articles in the knowledge base, how to answer questions in the support forum and how to translate knowledge base help articles in our local languages.
The last session was on SUMO bn-IN localization sprint. In this session, we translated, rather localized, SUMO help articles in Bengali (India).

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