Thursday, 30 July 2015

Maker Party On The Road, Kolkata

This is the first Mozilla Maker Party which has been deployed on the road. This event so interesting that we got many people who participated in this event on the busy roads of Sector V of Saltlake City, West Bengal, India. Sector V of Saltlake City is commonly called the IT sector of West Bengal as because most of the major IT industries are located there. 

Currently we are having the rainy season in Kolkata along with a natural depression with cyclonic winds. On the day of the event, hours before the event, we experienced heavy torrential rain, so much, that it would almost become impossible for us to conduct the event at all. But, God Almighty was with us. W were so much fortunate, that the rain stopped just a few minutes before the actual time of the event. We had the event deployed successfully. We were very happy. After the conclusion of the event, the rain started again.

Our handmade materials for the event

This event was very interesting because it was overall very interactive. We were approaching people on the road randomly to take part in this event. Interested participants were given four options to choose so that the session will be conducted accordingly. The four primary option that we gave were:
  • Web literacy
  • Web privacy
  • Create cool stuff
  • Games and Quiz

Web Literacy Session

Web literacy included general, very basic questions to be precise, related to the internet. We told people about what web literacy is.

Discussion on Web Privacy

In web privacy, we asked people what they think about bad and very easy to hack or easy to guess passwords. Then we were collecting sample of good passwords from different people, what they think about a good password. Then we told them about the Lightbeam add-on that Mozilla provide and how Firefox browsers help to protect the privacy of it's users.

Demo on Webmaker for Android

Create cool stuff. It's so exciting about it. Right? Well, yes it is! Under this topic, we covered Mozilla Webmaker. We taught people how it is so easy for anybody to remix or build a new website. We discussed all the four tools that Mozilla Webmaker provides, like X-Ray Goggles, Thimble, Popcorn Maker and Appmaker. Along with it, we also covered Webmaker for Android. We taught people how to build web apps easily with the Webmaker for Android app.

Puzzle game on HTML
Games and Quiz. People enjoyed this session a lot! As the name suggests, we included a puzzle game on HTML. There were individual blocks for each HTML tags. The puzzle was to arrange all the tags in the proper order like <html> will come first, then <head>, then <title>, then </title> and so on.

A participant arranging the blocks in the puzzle game
Those who knew HTML did it correctly, and those who didn't know it, we showed them the proper order first and then we jumbled up the blocks. They had to rearrange the jumbled up blocks. In this way, we gave them a short description on what is HTML and what is it used for.

Quiz with a participant
The quiz was actually general and technical questions related to internet and networking.

A group photo with the participants

We noted the suggestions, feedbacks and their experience about this event that each of the participants gave us after their participation.

A participant writing his suggestions/ feedbacks

Overall, we came across more than 80 people who became a part of this event.

We were the volunteers of this event

A groupfie after the event

Yes, I'm proud to say that I was a part of this event and I would like to thank each and every volunteer who helped to make this event successful.

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