Monday, 20 July 2015

Maker Party, Kolkata

Mozilla Maker Party is an event organized and hosted by Mozilla Contributors which basically deals with teaching the web, thus making you "web literate".

You all probably know that Mozilla Maker Party started on 15 July and will end on 31 July. Many contributors all over the world are hosting Maker Parties. We too did one in Kolkata, India.

We had our Mozilla Maker Party on 19 July 2015 at Meetup Space, Barasat. We had our teach the web session, where we discussed how to contribute to Mozilla Webmaker and share our contributions with others.

We discussed and worked on Webmaker Beta, which is Mozilla's new android app for Webmaker, also called Webmaker for Android. This app is used to make web apps for Android easily without having the knowledge of any programming language.

Made using Webmaker for Android
Made using Webmaker for Android

All the participants contributed with atleast one make during the Maker Party and shared their contributions on different social networking platforms.

Screenshot of the contribution that I made during this event

We discussed about our future events, what we will be doing in our upcoming events to teach the web.

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