Monday, 13 July 2015

FSA Bootcamp, Kolkata

We had another wonderful event for the Firefox Student Ambassadors on 12 July 2015. The FSA Bootcamp. This time the bootcamp was hosted in Barasat in Kolkata. This was the first FSA Bootcamp held in or around Kolkata.
This event was an invitation only event. Interested FSAs had to fill up an online form from beforehand so that they can get an invitation. A few days before the event, all the invitations were send through email to the FSAs.

There were 21 attendees in total. Everybody was so much enthusiastic and excited in this event that the whole event was totally interactive.
We had the following sessions:
  • The first session was Introduction to Open Source and Mozilla. In this session we discussed about the features of Open Source and why we should use it and how do we recommend to use and contribute to Open Source to others. We shared our views on Mozilla, its mission, its projects and the procedures of contributing to Mozilla. 

  • Then we had ice breaker session. This ice breaker session was divided into three parts. 
  • Reasons for loving Mozilla
    • The first part contained three questions. "Why do you love Mozilla?", "What changes do you want in Mozilla in the future?" and "What was your first event of Mozilla as a participant or an Organizer?". In this session, every participant wrote their views in sticky notes.

Future Events
    • Then we discussed ideas about the future events that we want to organize in future. 

    • The third part was about the ideas about how to popularize Mozilla, its mission, its projects and the events that you're organizing being a part of a local Mozilla Community to other as an FSA. The ideas are given below:
      • Priyansu Ganguly :  Being highly focused on social media

        Mainak Roy Choudhury:   Live demostration on mozilla projects
        Sritam:  Targeting youth generation like schools.

         ArkoPal:  Arranging Pre-event/  small meetups before conducting any events
         Ranodeep:  Attracting students by cool mozilla guys.
         Karunanidhan:  organizing quiz at mozilla events
         Manas: Providing language support to all the projects of mozilla among illiterate person to engage them.

        Abhyudaya :  Official website of community having all he information including,projects,  members etc etc.

        Shiladitya: Empowerment of new members of community.

        Sunil: Pen and paper demonstration 

        Sumantro:  Come and learn new technology and start working on projects.

        Sukanta: Organizing kidzilla events.

        Koustav:  1. Conduct sessions in technical fests in colleges as well as schools.
                       2.  Spreading awareness about Firefox OS devices in local area.
                       3. Making video with local engagement to make it more attractive.

        Biraj: Providing friendly environment to learn new technology.

        Debapriya: 1. Encouraging students to join mozilla and to take in  different projects as per their capabilities. 
                         2. Providing proper guidance to the issues that they are facing.
  • We had a community building session with Mr. Vineel Reddy Pindi. This session was an online session, where we had a video conference with Vineel on Firefox Hello. We had a QA (Question/Answer) session with Vineel after gave the introduction on community building.
  • Then we had another online session on Linux and other Open Source projects and softwares with Mr. Shahid Ali Farooqui. After he gave an intro on Linux and Open Source, we had a QA (Question/Answer) session with him on Linux and Open Source. 

Overall, the event was full of excitement and really we learnt many things from this event. 

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