Monday, 8 June 2015

Mozilla Science Lab 2015 Global Sprint, Kolkata

Mozilla conducted a World-wide event on Science related to Open Web on 4th and 5th of July, 2015. This event was named as Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint 2015. Many Mozillians contributed ideas and deployed them into reality on these two days.

This global sprint was done by different Mozilla Communities all over the world.
We had an event here in Kolkata, India too. Many Mozillians of the Mozilla Kolkata Community attended this event, both physically and virtually. In this event, we again started hacking on different Open Science related projects. We worked on code review, worked on making a physics related Firefox OS app.

The physics related app was actually a physical units converter app which could convert magnitudes from one unit to another unit, for examples, from kilometer to centimeter, from Celsius to Fahrenheit, etc.

We also worked on real sense gesture computing algorithms, code review, etc.
In gesture ccomputing, we studied on the functions and algorithms that are being used in gesture control, their working, etc.

Some of the Mozillians could not join this event just because of their commencing semester examination in their respective college and universities.  Despite this fact, the event was awesome and worth participating, It was fun working with other Mozillians, sharing ideas of each other on how to make a better web and how to work on Open Science related projects.

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