Friday, 12 June 2015

MozCoffee Kolkata-Spring Campaign at Cafe Coffee Day, Park Street

We had a wonderful session of MozCoffee here in Cafe Coffee Day, Park Street in Kolkata on 7 June, 2015.

Many Mozillians and FSAs joined this event and shared their views on Mozilla.
The things that we did were:
  • Self introduction of each of the attendees infront of other attendees.
  • Sharing stories as FSA or Mozillian.
  • We saw some Mozilla related videos to cheer up all the members.
  • Downloaded and updated Mozilla Firefox in the participants' cell phones and laptops.
  • Had icebreaker session, where all the participants shared some points on why we use Firefox and why we want to recommend a friend to use Firefox.
  • Made memes on Mozilla and its products.
  • Took pictures.
  • Discussed ideas on #FoxYeah
Last but not the least, grabbed a cup of coffee along with some snacks. :-P

Here are the points that the Mozillians mentioned on that day during the icebreaker session:

Priyanshu: Firefox ad-ons such as Downloaders
are awesome,being an Open-Source Enthusiast
Mozilla is one of the primary ones...and the
options to use several versions such as Torch etc.

Srijib Roy: Firefox Dev Editon provides me the
basic tools usefull for Web Development.

Sayan: firefox is user friendly,providing fast
browsing facilities..

Biraj Karmakar: I am using firefox because of my

Anirban: itz a one of the best browser, faster other
one, and downloaders are awesome, and many
other facilities......

Debapriya Bhattacharya: i love firefox because of
its opnness, innovation and opportunity on the web

Sukanta Pal: lots of add ons, privacy, etc.

Swarnava Sengupta: I use Firefox because it
provides me the tools that i need to access the
web i want

Ayan Chowdhury: Firefox - The name says it all.
As a die heart Mozillian I use firefox because not
only it is the fastest browser but also it is famous
for its Add-on facility. Weekly updates says it all -
# foxyeah
The choice of Add ons is huge...!!!
Firefox is voted the most Secure Brand for
Browsing Internet..!!! - Ranodeep Saha

Shreetam Chowdhury: As an open source browser it is the first
choice to use it in linux based os .hence its the
best buddy for passionate devoloper.

Abhyudaya Chatterjee: Because Mozilla
provides us options to use a no. of browsers like
Firefox, Seamonkey, etc.
 Provides various add-ons, security and many more.

These are the few memes that I created on that day for the #FoxYeah contest.

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