Sunday, 17 August 2014

goTenna, a device that can convert your smart phone into a walkie talkie!

No network coverage? No problem if you have this device. goTenna, a device which can turn you phone into a walkie talkie.
goTenna device
For hikers, travel enthusiasts and explorers, this device is a must. Phones can be converted into a walkie talkie if the phone has this device and its app. Costs $149 (Rs. 8983) for each pair, these devices pair wirelessly with bluetooth with the help of the goTenna app which is available for Android and iOS users.
goTenna app
In case your phone's network coverage goes dead, you can send messages and map locations for free of cost through the goTenna app to the other device with which your phone has been paired.
The messages and GPS locations are sent via low-frequency radio-waves over a range of 80kms. The battery of this device lasts for 72 hours on full charge and has a standby time of 150 days.

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